In a garden of blooming flowers,

You’re the one I’d never pick.

I’d continue to water you

With gentle sprinkles instead,

So I could continue on delighting in

Your beauty and grace.

I’d rather let you grow in the wild

Than to let you die in my arms.

Admiring you from afar is indeed better

Than to own you once and never again afterwards.


They say that love
is not about
Keeping a person
All for yourself.
They say that
When you love someone,
You know
How to let go.
Perhaps that’s the reason
We are meant
To be apart;
For you’re the only person
I loved this much
And likewise I am
To you.

(Until we meet again, my love)


    “You’re perfect”
    He said as he stared at my naked body
    As he stroked my neck down to my hips
    As he rested my arms on his shoulder blades

    “No, I’m not”
    I replied as I reticently looked away
    As I covered my chest from the cold
    As my cheeks turned bright red from the compliment

    He, then, laid me down
    And his lips found its way to mine
    I could feel the pressure as he’s on top of me
    But there’s no pain but affection

    He paused for a moment
    “What’s wrong?” I asked curiously
    “Nothing” he replied
    “I just never thought that perfection can be grasped by my hands.”